Kids Weigh In! 8 Ways that Reading Rewards Them


The name of our site can sometimes lead people to think that our main purpose is to offer external rewards for reading. In reality, Reading Rewards is first and foremost an interactive reading log site, packed full of features that have nothing to do with rewards. In fact, 60% of teachers registered with Reading Rewards never set up a single reward!

We believe that there is nothing wrong with giving reluctant readers a little extra encouragement to get them started on the path to […]

Top picks for a reluctant reader boy

We’ve had a couple of reading a-ha moments lately that I just had to share. While my older guy has gotten hooked on The Hunger Games trilogy (he’s reading Mockingjay at the moment), and finishes any book he starts whether he enjoys it or not as a matter of principle, my younger guy often flits from book to book. Starting many, finishing few.

(In case you’re interested in The Hunger Games,  check out the new trailer that’s just been released!)

Back to my younger guy. Lately we’ve hit on a few books that he’s thoroughly enjoyed (and finished!), so I feel […]

My kid’s got the Assigned Reading Blues

Assigned Reading AnxietyMy kids are finishing up their mid-term break this weekend, and it’s been great fun for them. They’ve had fabulous outings with grandparents, play dates with friends, and chilling-out time with us at the cottage.

My younger guy, however, has had a little black cloud hanging over his head for most of the week because he had 2 pretty major reading assignments, one in English, and one in French, due when he goes back this week.

You know about my passion for getting kids to read, and how […]

5 Reasons Why Your Kids Shouldn’t Read

Sometimes, it feels like you’re banging your head against a wall trying to get those kids of yours to read. Do you want my advice? Don’t bother. Here are my top 5 reasons why your kids should stay away from books.

  1. The more kids read, the more they know.Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader
  2. Seriously, who wants kids to know stuff? Just think about all the conversations you’ll be forced to have about topics you may know nothing about. It’s enough they learn all this stuff in school, and then bug […]

Limiting screen time – take 2

The system worked. The deal was simple: boys, you want to watch TV, play your video games, borrow my iPhone, fine. But you have to read, too. At *least* an equal amount of time.  That’s how Reading Rewards was born, and it was a very simple system that worked brilliantly.

They wanted to watch TV, so they had to read. We spent time picking and choosing the right books for them. We started ‘family reading time’ in the evening: every night at 8pm, we all got together in the living room to read together. They started reading more, […]

The book that did him in

So I’m facing a little dilemma here, and a little unsure about what to do. My younger son discovered the Harry Potter books in the fall, and devoured the first 2 very quickly. Then came Christmas, and his birthday, and although he was still only on book 3, we decided to buy him all 7 books.

He excitedly finished The Prisoner of Azkaban, and got stuck into Book 4, The Goblet of Fire. Now, I find him literally ‘stuck’. For the last few weeks, he’s […]

Books Boys Love – Part 2

Continuing on from my earlier post about Books Boys Love… I’ve been compiling a list of popular books from our Reading Rewards website that were read (and enjoyed!) primarily by boys. If you’re looking for great book recommendations for boys, you might want to consider some of these titles!

Eragon (Inheritance)
Christopher Paolini

Amazon puts this book into the Young Adult category, and happens to have the highest average reader age of all our ‘Top Books for Boys’: 12 1/2 years old. So a […]

Books Boys Love – Part 1

After more than 12 months of readers logging their reading minutes and book reviews on Reading Rewards, I thought I’d take a look and see which books were read and enjoyed primarily by boys.

Here are some of the books that came out on top. I’ll post some others later this week!

The first novel of the Heroes of Olympus (Rick Riordan) series was read by 25 of our members, 20 of which were boys (80%). Their average rating was 4.9/5, so this was a huge […]

Don’t hate me because my kids read

So I admit it. It makes me more than a little envious when a friend of mine ‘complains’ about how much her 11-year old son loves reading, how he’s just tearing through books faster than she can buy them for him. Big books, too. 500-page books that even I might gawk at.


“I catch him reading under the covers at 10pm. It’s supposed to be lights out at 9!”

“He made us late for school this morning because he was reading at breakfast!”

I listen, and try to sound like it would drive me bananas, too. Meanwhile, […]