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Reading Rewards is a reading incentive program with a little something for all kids. Designed to encourage reluctant readers by rewarding time spent reading in various ways, Reading Rewards also has tools for eager readers who want to share their reading experiences  in a fun, online community.

As a mom of 3, I created Reading Rewards in an attempt to get my 2 school-aged boys to read more. Since its launch in 2010, I’ve expanded Reading Rewards to include tools for K-12 teachers who want to move away from paper reading logs. By setting up a group for their class, teachers can track and reward student reading in their own online community. Students can view each other’s virtual libraries and share book reviews.

Once children register for the program, they are encouraged to log information about their reading. They capture book details and time spent reading. Parents are then notified via email and asked to validate the entries. (Teachers can choose to set up accounts that do not require email addresses or parental validations).

Once the entries are validated (either by the parents or automatically), children receive ‘RR Miles’ (1 for every minute of reading) which they can redeem in various ways, from viewing a Joke of the Day, a silly Video, or interacting with other members in various games. They can only do these things if they have logged reading time. Parents and/or teachers can also add custom rewards to the kids’ RR Stores, which they can then purchase with their RR Miles.

Kids earn bonus RR Miles when they go a step further and rate/ review their books, or make recommendations to their friends.  A great enticement to reading and reviewing!

Watch a quick tour of the Reading Rewards program here:

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