Fishing with the principal, anyone?

Reading Reward ideaThis week, we received a wonderful email in our inbox from a Riverside Elementary School Resource Specialist. We wanted to share this success story with you, and let you know how much it means to us to that our users take the time to write to us. It makes all our hard work seem worthwhile!

What we particularly love about this story is that the principal is not only supportive of the project, he is fully involved. A reward in the RR store will earn a student an […]

Teachers: Quick Start Guide to Reading Rewards

Getting Started on Reading Rewards

Sometimes it can seem overwhelming to get started with a new classroom tool.

We recently created a page just for teachers, to help guide them in the setup process for Reading Rewards, our fun online reading log and reading incentive program.

It has links to some of our videos and important blog posts, as well as a handy Getting Started checklist.


If you’re looking for a great place to great started, then do check out our

Back to School Checklist For Reading Rewards

Back to school terrorMy middle guy came to me today with a look of horror on his face. Concerned, I asked him what was wrong. He responded, with a look I could only describe as devastated: “I just saw a back to school commercial. Didn’t summer just begin??”

Although it does feel as though the lazy days of summer should go on endlessly, it’s hard to ignore that the fevered pace of back to school really is just around the corner.

With that in mind, we thought we’d help you get ready […]

The reward *IS* in the reading

Reading IncentivesA couple of days ago, I stumbled upon a teacher’s blog with a post that expressed considerable concern about the Reading Rewards premise. That reading should be for fun, and not ‘funds’.

I absolutely agree.

I started Reading Rewards a few years ago, when my two boys, then aged 8 and 10, were really reading very little, and spending way too much time on their video games. The initial concept for the website was simple. If the boys wanted to be able to play their video games, they could, […]

Exciting Changes Coming Soon!

Some of you may have noticed a different look to our blog as well as our Facebook page. Over the past few months, Carole and I have been working very hard on a brand-new version of Reading-Rewards that we will be rolling out on May 25th, 2013!

New Reading Rewards


It’s been a phenomenal year, with our user numbers tripling since 2012. To accomodate all our new readers, we have optimized the site and moved it to a new server. We will also […]

Top picks for your kids this holiday season

dear santaNovember isn’t even over and one of my younger son’s favorite activities of late is ‘working on his Christmas list’. This involves browsing the websites of ToysRUs, Amazon, BestBuy and other online retailers for the best of the best in electronics and gaming. Sigh!

Not surprising.

A recent Nielsen poll suggests that 44% of kids in the US want an iPad for Christmas.

what kids want for ChristmasSo I suppose in a way I should consider myself lucky that the top item […]

Top picks for a reluctant reader boy

We’ve had a couple of reading a-ha moments lately that I just had to share. While my older guy has gotten hooked on The Hunger Games trilogy (he’s reading Mockingjay at the moment), and finishes any book he starts whether he enjoys it or not as a matter of principle, my younger guy often flits from book to book. Starting many, finishing few.

(In case you’re interested in The Hunger Games,  check out the new trailer that’s just been released!)

Back to my younger guy. Lately we’ve hit on a few books that he’s thoroughly enjoyed (and finished!), so I feel […]

Helping kids understand 7 billion people

According to UN calculations, the world’s population is expected to reach 7 billion sometime today, October 31, 2011.

That’s an incredible number, one that’s hard for even adults to wrap their heads around. But what about kids? When I told my boys about this milestone, I could see they were struggling a bit to grasp the enormity of it.

So I pulled out a fantastic book I bought a few years ago, that is just perfect for the occasion.

if the world were villageIn ‘If the […]

My kid’s got the Assigned Reading Blues

Assigned Reading AnxietyMy kids are finishing up their mid-term break this weekend, and it’s been great fun for them. They’ve had fabulous outings with grandparents, play dates with friends, and chilling-out time with us at the cottage.

My younger guy, however, has had a little black cloud hanging over his head for most of the week because he had 2 pretty major reading assignments, one in English, and one in French, due when he goes back this week.

You know about my passion for getting kids to read, and how […]

5 Reasons Why Your Kids Shouldn’t Read

Sometimes, it feels like you’re banging your head against a wall trying to get those kids of yours to read. Do you want my advice? Don’t bother. Here are my top 5 reasons why your kids should stay away from books.

  1. The more kids read, the more they know.Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader
  2. Seriously, who wants kids to know stuff? Just think about all the conversations you’ll be forced to have about topics you may know nothing about. It’s enough they learn all this stuff in school, and then bug […]