Top picks for your kids this holiday season

dear santaNovember isn’t even over and one of my younger son’s favorite activities of late is ‘working on his Christmas list’. This involves browsing the websites of ToysRUs, Amazon, BestBuy and other online retailers for the best of the best in electronics and gaming. Sigh!

Not surprising.

A recent Nielsen poll suggests that 44% of kids in the US want an iPad for Christmas.

what kids want for ChristmasSo I suppose in a way I should consider myself lucky that the top item […]

Top picks for a reluctant reader boy

We’ve had a couple of reading a-ha moments lately that I just had to share. While my older guy has gotten hooked on The Hunger Games trilogy (he’s reading Mockingjay at the moment), and finishes any book he starts whether he enjoys it or not as a matter of principle, my younger guy often flits from book to book. Starting many, finishing few.

(In case you’re interested in The Hunger Games,¬†¬†check out the new trailer that’s just been released!)

Back to my younger guy. Lately we’ve hit on a few books that he’s thoroughly enjoyed (and finished!), so I feel […]