Why I love Madeline

Much to my dismay, my 5 year-old daughter does not speak English. As an English-speaking (a.k.a ‘anglo’) Montreal native, this is really quite devastating.

How did this happen?

My 2 boys were born in the UK. Although we never really discussed things, it was clear: my French husband would speak to the boys in French, and I would speak to them in English. They grew up beautifully bilingual, with a gorgeous British accent that they have sadly lost since our move back to Canada 7 years ago.

Law in Quebec is such […]

Don’t hate me because my kids read

So I admit it. It makes me more than a little envious when a friend of mine ‘complains’ about how much her 11-year old son loves reading, how he’s just tearing through books faster than she can buy them for him. Big books, too. 500-page books that even I might gawk at.


“I catch him reading under the covers at 10pm. It’s supposed to be lights out at 9!”

“He made us late for school this morning because he was reading at breakfast!”

I listen, and try to sound like it would drive me bananas, too. Meanwhile, […]